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Nancy Todd - has held many titles and positions in her life but the one she holds most proud is being Hayden's Mom. In addition, she is a political consultant whose specialty is gaming, having run l96 political campaigns in 42 states and six countries with a phenomenal win record. She is currently the Chairman of the Board of the American Association of Political Consultants and was President from 2003-2005. Her David vs. Goliath campaigns are legendary.

Tony Fazio - A strategic communication specialist for more than 25 years, is President and founder of Winning Directions – the nation’s leading Democratic political direct mail firm. Tony has produced hundreds of winning direct mail programs for political candidates, labor organizations and campaigns all across America.

American University is honoring Tony by hosting the Anthony J. Fazio Political Direct Mail Archive, which will house more than 10,000 of his individual pieces of mail, plus collections donated by America’s leading direct mail creative minds from both parties.

Tony has a passion for cutting-edge technology and how best to apply it to political campaigning. He has developed his own proprietary system he calls Winning Edge Targeting that he uses to keep his clients up to date on the latest micro-targeting technologies.

Tony believes his greatest achievements in life are not just political, however. He says it is just as important to be a good husband and a loving father. His wife, Marie, and his children, Amy, Joey and Becky, all agree.

Nancy Clack - is president of Precision Communications, a Maryland-based strategic communications company. Nancy Clack has over 25 years experience in structuring messages and targeting audiences for voter contact activities. Her political experience includes work on more than 500 candidate and initiative campaigns throughout the US including: Governor Ann Richards; East Texas Community Action Network; Save Dade; and League of Conservation Voters.

Ms. Clack has been recognized by Campaigns & Elections magazine as one of the “74 Women Who are Changing the Face of Politics.” She is a former board member of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and former board member of the Women’s Campaign Fund. Ms. Clack is a Maryland native and holds a BS in Journalism from the University of Maryland. She regularly got beaten playing Super Mario Brothers with Hayden.

Mike Mihalke - With almost two decades of experience in the political arena, Mike Mihalke leads Meridian Strategies clients with strategic, public relations and media, and consulting services. From his experience working with national and international corporate clients, trade associations, and political parties, Mihalke has been characterized as one of “the most innovative public affairs strategists” in the country. 

He has managed all varieties of public affairs accounts including creative development and execution of media campaigns, corporate branding efforts, public relations, reputation management, and crisis communications.

Mike also pursues creative endeavors as Co-President of Squared Foot Productions, an LA-based independent film company. He has been credited as Executive Producer of feature films over the last several years, which have been highly acclaimed at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Mike is a Board Member of the American Association of Political Consultants. His insight on media, public relations and politics appears in national publications and newscasts. His is a regular participant in lectures, seminars and campaign schools highlighting public affairs strategy, public relations, reputation management, media and grassroots. 

Mike resides in Los Angeles, CA., with his wife, Julie, daughter, Amanda and son, Dylan. 

Penny Toney - Louisiana educator, has devoted 33 years to her profession. She has served as a classroom teacher of English and social studies, a curriculum coordinator at Bolton High School in Alexandria, and as principal of Bolton. She now works in the Central Office with curriculum development and high school redesign.

contact us at: info@thehaydenscholarship.com